• Shift your heating system to work on LPG

Experts say the use of domestic gas for non-cooking purposes, such as using gas heaters instead of diesel or kerosene as a cheaper alternative to citizens' income and cleaner environment, has made some focus on the use of more liquid gas

The central heating system, which relies on gas as an alternative to diesel, is an efficient system and provides about 40% of the operating cost compared to diesel

That the use of gas increases the efficiency of operation, saving in the use of traditional energy sources and ensure its sustainability and reduce pollution rates

These heating technologies have been prevalent in the United States and Europe for more than 20 years, especially as the weather conditions in Palestine pay for the use of liquid gas with the cost of other fuels

There is a large number of modern projects that have established the infrastructure for the use of gas in heating instead of diesel, which raises the costs of operating in these projects (such as the city of Rawabi and Rayhan).

The issue of turning the boiler and the incinerator to work on gas is easy and not expensive material, especially if the boiler used modern type.

On the other hand there is a tendency to expand reliance on gas energy not only in heating, but also in the adjustment processes