• Commercial Solutions

Powered by:

  • High-efficiency water heaters can provide a large amount of energy, especially in the tourism sector.
  • Companies that use large amounts of energy can save energy by using LPG.

Low cost:

  • The price of LPG is lower than other energy sources.
  • Free inspection and maintenance make LPG a low-cost power source.
  • Gas does not freeze in winter.
  • It can not be stolen compared to other energy systems such as diesel and gasoline.


  • The gas burns cleanly and does not need much maintenance.
  • Gas is highly efficient when used in high pressure applications.
  • The advantage of gas is that it can not be pulled out of the tank so it can not be stolen.
  • Cylinders can be filled in 3-4 minutes at filling stations with fast pumps.
  • Another advantage of gas systems is that steam emissions are very few or almost nonexistent. This means taking advantage of at least 50% of total hydrocarbon emissions.
  • Another advantage of gas systems is that carbon dioxide emissions are very low.

Studies in the United States have shown that most respiratory diseases are caused by emissions from diesel exhausts as they contain a range of harmful micro-molecules. While natural gas contains few of the molecules mentioned.

It is clear that the use of gas systems is increasing and this will increase the use of gas.