• Liquefied gas pressure regulator

Gas pressure regulator definitions Easy to install and connect:

  • Hose between the regulator and the cylinder.
  • The hose mounting device.
  • (Regulator) arm.
  • Installation hole regulator on gas cylinder valve

Method of installation and operation:

  • Installation of hose:
  • Install the hose on the regulator first before installing the regulator on the disc.
  • Use the hose clamp on the regulator well.

Installation of the regulator on the cylinder:

  • Place the regulator arm on a close position
  • Remove the plastic cover from the cylinder valve and place the regulator over it and press down firmly and vertically, until you hear the sound of the lock.
  • Make sure that the regulator is fully connected to the cylinder valve. The switch must be horizontal. If the regulator can be pulled up when removing the regulator from the valve, repeat the binding.
  • Do not attempt to mount the regulator if the regulator arm is in the operating position

Run Organizer:

  • Turn the arm up counterclockwise, then the gas will flow to the hose.
  • If the arm is not positioned in the operating position, the regulator is not properly mounted on the cylinder valve.

Stop Organizer:

  • Turn the arm down clockwise.

Change Gas Cylinder:

  • Close the organizer and turn the device down clockwise.
  • Press the regulator arm horizontally to the inside and pull it up during compression, ie remove it from the valve.
  • Do not move the disc during the separation of the regulator from the valve.