• Safe dealing with gas tanks

Safety instructions for dealing with gas tanks

For your safety
Safety guidelines when using gas tanks

Safety instructions for gas leakage:

  • Lock main cutter for electricity
  • Lock the gas source from the tank
  • Work to evacuate the area of leakage
  • Open the windows and provide natural ventilation for the place.
  • Contact the Civil Defense on the unified number (102).
  • Do not smoke or use any lighters or matches or what can happen to spark.
  • Lower spaces should be ventilated to disperse collected gas
  • Do not allow vehicles or vehicles to pass near the leak site
  • Do not allow people to return to the place until there is no residue of leaking gas

Safety instructions for installation of gas tanks:

  • Installation of the tank above the ground in an elevated area does not allow the collection of gas around it
  • Do not place flammable materials such as petroleum and other materials near the tank
  • When leaving the place for more than a day, the main gas valve under the lid of the tank must be locked
  • It is prohibited to transfer the tank from its location or add any coordinates around it without the company's approval.
  • Do not use matches to detect gas leakage, but use soap and water foam.
  • Install the mechanisms connected between the fireplaces and gas extensions tightly and inspect them from time to time to ensure their safety and the absence of any fracture or cracking.
  • To be away from any heat source - air conditioner - water pump (dynamo) - electric circuit - and more
  • Do not be in a position where he may be hit by cars.
  • To be close to the entrance to the housing to facilitate filling and exit when needed.

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