What are the advantages of gas for the industrial sector

  • What are advantages: PALGAZ for Industries?

As a company specialized in LPG solutions, our services exceed the level of gas supply. With the available expertise and technical staff, Bal Gas can execute all gas system projects from the A to Z.
The energy solutions proposed and developed by Gas Gas ensure the savings of customers regardless of the size of the project. Large or small project, Pal Gas has the technical solution for this project. By joining a group of gas customers, you will be rewarded for access to international gas solutions and Palestinian hands.
We have a commitment to our customers to provide solutions and solutions to gas technologies.
LPG is environmentally friendly and is free of lead and sulfur compounds.
In addition to the preservation of the environment, the use of gas by industrial solutions extends from diesel to monthly bill savings, reduced maintenance costs and access to energy from an environmentally friendly source.

Pal Gas has a group of engineers and technicians specialized and trained in the latest gas technologies. Contact us and get a free technical survey for the company or company and listen to an explanation about the potential savings and solutions proposed.

Think about solar panels? Let the gas cook

  • If you plan to put solar panels, you should know that the solar panels do not cover 50% of your need of hot water annually.
  • So you need a reliable alternative energy source.
  • Bal Gas provides you with a clean and efficient power source for central heating, cooking, even hot water and clothes dryer.

Conversion to gas

  • It has become easy to be a customer of Pal Gas, so why not enjoy the services it offers.
  • Pal Gas is a leader in gas services and its main service is delivery.
  • Due to the experience and reputation of gas in distribution services, you can be assured of your gas reserves.
  • We share solutions and simplify them to reduce fuel costs.
  • Order or pay your gas bill electronically.

Technical team at Pal Gas
Bal Gas has a group of engineers and technicians at the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship to provide you with free advice as well as maintenance services and gas network monitoring.

The installation process is supervised by a selection of engineers and technicians, starting with the choice of the appropriate tanneck size and the location of the tanneck to the gas supply. Maintaining the highest standards of safety and safety and reducing installation costs.